It's been three years. Three judges have recused themselves across three cases. One in San Francisco, one in Federal Court, and one in Chappaqua, New York. Thousands of pages of discovery documents, dozens of depositions and sworn affidavits, as well as countless court transcripts and motions, document a 'true crime.'

Out of the text messages, social media posts, and other evidence, a story comes into focus. It's the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters and real-world nightmares. The Court record contains a day-by-day, sometimes a minute-by-minute, account of what Steve Russell calls 'the crime.'

Steve's world came crashing down. He describes enduring a multi-year manipulation campaign at the hands of those in closest proximity to him. He describes an effort to discredit him, drug him, abuse him, use him, systematically strip him of parental rights, and worse.

Toxicology reports and testimony show he was drugged; again and again. Text messages and internet searches discovered in the resulting investigation include research into lethal doses of the same drugs and a curious search into Madame de Montespan most known for poisoning her husband and getting away with it.

Steve is looking for answers and wants to understand the full story of what happened to him. But more than anything, he just wants to see his daughter.