October 20, 2021

Stevie♥️Evie has been acquired

Stevie♥️Evie has been acquired

The website, content and rights to the website StevieLovesEvie.com have been purchased by Cold Plum Media, a company specializing in podcasts, and the Canadian Documentary film company Hodgee Films, creators of Pharma Bro, The Chris Farley Story and many other films.

From StevieLovesEvie.com:

For reasons, still not perfectly clear, but likely having to do with the "family legacy" Mom targeted Dad. She needed money. She needed a baby. And she needed a father, who married her and/or ultimately went away. Her parents had ingrained in her the notion that if she couldn't have a child, no one would ever want to stay with her and because of her mental illness, she would lose custody...and the family's carefully structured trusts might escape their control too. Mom needed a plan.
She researched famous women poisoners and lethal doses of medication, and one day Dad started to feel sick. Dad thought he was being drugged, and he was. Toxicology reports showed high dose concentrations of Lithium (later Mom was caught putting the drug Seroquel into Dad's wine by their nanny.) After learning of her pregnancy, Mom had also tried valiantly to have Dad committed, or just go away...by any many means necessary. Her family used their connections and influence to help.

You can watch the trailer of the podcast here:

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