List of Most Important Documents

[Note: Give the files all clear names like "Case Location/Type - Number - Judge - File Name - Date Filed]


San Francisco DVRO - Case FTP-18-377425 - 2019

This case was before Judge Richard Darwin in August 2018. It ended after one day of testimony; so I could see my daughter. Key take aways are 1) Tara admitted to drugging me and admitted to her diagnosis and admitted to her sister lying in her letter that I had "beaten Tara unconscious."

Key documents:

1) Russell Filling of Motion w/ Exhibits

2) Supplemental Motion and Filing w/ exhibits

2) Transcript of hearing

3) Emergency Protective Order EPO

4) Order for temporary custody to Dad and Mom can't leave State.

5) Key exhibits that might be called out seperately include the affadavits of witnesses:

a) Abby Tedla

b) Bryan Crutcher

c) Pat Williams

d) Dan Marks

e) Jinnie Tam

Westchester Custody Case - Case File 154703

This case has gone on for 4 years without a hearing. Three judges have recused themselves, an expert has been delicensed, 5 other reports have been thrown out, and the Court has twice given custody and restraining order protection to Tara. The key Judges are Gordon-Oliver, Horrowitz, Humphreys, and Schauer.

1) All key filings

2) All transcripts

3) All court Orders.

4) All visitation reports

4) All letters to court and key emails.

Westchester Custody Case - Whistleblower Action

1) Raymond Griffin - Fake Doctor for 30 years.

2) Faith Miller and Jennifer Jackman - Faith Miller barred from being attorney for child because her husband is big judge...get's her partner to do it to the ruling bars her firm.

3) Delia Farquaharson - Running for mayor and has husband on the committee that picks judges. She doesn't need to follow Court Orders.

4) Kathy Davidson - Political person who appointed Judge Gordon-Oliver and suddenly give a judgeship to my attorney Max DiFabio.

5) All positive reports about me removed and only one still on file is that from fake Doctor Griffin.

6) In violation of NY law, no reasons are given for judge recusals.

San Francisco DVRO2 - Case FPT-18-377425 - 2019

1) Filing of Motion with Exhibits

2) Supplemental filing of Motion with Exhibits

3) Tara Walsh Discovery

4) Transcript

5) Proposed Order

6) Granted Order

Westchester Restraining Order against Walsh - Case ?

1) Preliminary Hearing with Judge Naber - TRO granted

2) Deletion of TRO by Horrowitz

3) Refiling with Judge Humpreys

4) Hearing #1 that Tara Defaulted w/ emails/letters confirming default

5) Hearing #2 that Tara Defaulted at after her attorney accepted service.

6) Motion demanding/requesting a ruling on this but noe was provided.

7) TBF - An article 78 Against Humpreys demanding his ruling.

8) Tara admites to police her request for a restraining order was a lie in a letter.

9) The court grants her a permanent order of protection twice.

SF Battery Case - Case #

SF Kidnapping Case

NY Kidnapping Case

Federal RICO Case

SF Domestic Violence & Drugging Unit Filing

NY Drugging Case


1) Visits

2) Overall Timeline

Text Messages

PDF Text Message Summary Documents.

Key Pictures and Screenshots

1) Broken phone

2) Lethal Dose of Seroquel

3) Going to SF to get Money

4) Etc.

Brie Blog

1-12) PDF Versions of Key articles/posts from her blog


1) Book 1 PDF-OCR

2) Book 2

3) Book 3

4) Book 4a and 4b

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