The Characters

These are the nick-names & real-life names of the various characters.

Evie - Evelyn Grace:

Dad - Stephen Russell:

Mom - Tara Walsh:

Grumpa - Steve Walsh:

Grimma - Maura Walsh:

Brie - Brienne Walsh:

Stuprendan - Brendan Walsh:

The Twins - M and K Walsh. The youngest adopted daughters in the Walsh

Nanny Abby - Abby Tedla:

The Crutch - Brian Crutcher:

Oliver Judge Magistrate Gordon-Oliver:

Delia Farquaharson:

Fake Doctor Griffin - Raymond Griffin:

Nanny T - Talia Kleinman:

Claudette - Claudette LaMelle:

Faith Miller: Evie's "Attorney."

Jonathan Guttridge:

Horrowitz: Nilda - Horrowitz:

Kathy Davidson:

Judge Humphreys:

Judge Schauer:

Max: Max DiFabio:

Matan: Matan-Gavish: Tara's boyfriend.